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The Surrey Super League is a 4 tier, 46 teams football league involving the 45 of the 52 in the game and 1 fantasy team added. The teams not included as the 6 teams already in the game, Crystal Palace, Millwall, AFC Wimbledon, Woking FC, Staines Town and Sutton United. Why? to relieve financial differences between these clubs and the lower league clubs included, as well as the financial loss for these 6 clubs would likely be devastating for them, especially for the league clubs. the league also includes a reverse and under 18 leagues to juggle as well. Surrey Super League teams will also begin competing in European competitions after the debut season, you'll be pleased to know that UK & Ireland region players are given non-foreign status as well.

I'm sure some of you may be asking "But Crystal Palace, Millwall and AFC Wimbledon aren't in Surrey anyway. They're London clubs." An to a degree you are correct. However, these 3 clubs, and many included in this league are in areas of London that before 1889, the creation of the County of London, and 1965, the creation of Greater London. These areas were originally part of Surrey and therefore included in the mod as such.

As well as the league Surrey is added as a fully playable UEFA and FIFA member, at the expense of Kazakhstan moving to AFC. As manager of Surrey you will have a pool of around 200+ Premier League and below to call upon.

League Format


14 teams

2 rounds

3 relegated to the Championship


12 teams

2 rounds

3 promoted to the Premiership (2 direct, 1 playoff)

2 relegated to League 1

League 1

10 teams

4 rounds

2 promoted to the Premiership (1 direct, 1 playoff)

2 relegated to League 2

League 2

10 teams

4 rounds

2 promoted to the Premiership (1 direct, 1 playoff)

Includes fantasy team Dale FC, mydalefc.co.uk

Replacements have also been made to the Isthmian League to ensure it remains playable despite the loss of so many clubs.

This mod is intended to be 1 of multiple mods intended to work together and compete against each other, details of which I will keep to myself for now.

Special thanks to sevestra who gave me a lot of help with my first publicly released mod.

Any and all feedback will be appreciated and if you want the biggest challenge in this mod, then play as League 2 club Dale FC, this 1 reputation, £200 budget, £500 value, £1 transfer money club is ground-sharing with League 1 Westfield FC at Woking Park. Can this minor club cause any problems for anyone? That's for you to do manager. Your goal is simple, win the Champions League.

Published Jan 21, 2015
CategoryGame mod
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorDale Gaming Interactive


County of Surrey (FM) 15 kB